Rules and Regulations

Weapon Rules

  • All airsoft guns MUST be transported to and from the facility using a gun bag.
  • Every airsoft gun will be tested by our staff using a chronograph.
  • Velocity Limits are as follows, but are subject to change at any time.

AEG Rifles: 350fps with 0.20g BB (1.14j)

HPA Rifle: 330fps with 0.20g BB (1.01j)

ALL Gas Guns: 330fps with 0.20g BB (1.01j)

  • All homemade weapons and airsoft guns are NOT permitted for use on the airsoft field.
  • Any other homemade items must be approved by management before use on the field. (A referee can not give you approval).
  • Any knives, axes, or other hand held weapons must be made of rubber or soft plastic with no sharp edges or sharp points. Knife/Axe “kills” can only be done via slashing motion on the torso of the opponent. NO stabbing or throwing actions of any kind are allowed.
  • Airsoft Grenades such as BB, distraction, sound or stun grenades MUST be approved by management prior to use in the field. (We reserve the right refuse the use of any grenades deemed unsafe for indoor use.)
  • Airsoft grenades are never to be thrown over a wall on the field, thrown directly at a person, and must be tossed underhand.
  • Any reusable BB grenades MUST ONLY be filled with plastic BB's, no other objects are allowed.

Equipment Safety Rules

  • All guns MUST have no magazine, unloaded, and on safe when in all common area including but not limited to staging area, pro shop, party room, lounge area, and bathrooms.
  • All guns require a properly attached barrel cover/plug at all times off the field.
  • All Pistols must be in a holster when off the field.
  • NO guns are to be pointed at anyone at any time while in common areas. All weapons must be pointed downwards, or in a safe direction.
  • The use of Propane is not allowed.
Game Play Rules
  • When entering the arena, all players will be checked by a referee for compliance with all the rules listed above
  • Face masks, goggles, and other approved face protection MUST be worn at ALL times while in the arena.
  • Removal of Face Protection while in the arena will result in the following
    • 1st offense: will be a 2 game penalty
    • 2nd offense: you'll be asked to leave with no refund.
    • 3rd offense: You will receive a 3 month ban 
  • No fighting or physical contact of any type will be allowed or tolerated at any time.
  • No verbal attacks, vulgar language, or threats of any type will be allowed or tolerated at anytime.
  • Any physical or verbal attacked will be dealt with by management accordingly, with the possibility, but not limited to, a Permanent Ban.
  • Any and all physical or verbal attacks must be reported to Head Referee or Management.
  • All direct body or head strikes with a BB are a “HIT”. Ricochets and gun hits do not count as a “HIT”.
  • When “HIT” loudly call out “HIT” and raise your hand, while your walk back to spawn.
  • Red Rags or Dead Rags are strongly recommended for the visual assistance to show other players your are hit and not actively playing.
  • When walking back to spawn, DO NOT call out where opponent's position is. Dead men/women can not talk.
  • Any cheating will NOT be tolerated. The “cheater” will be spoken to immediately, and the following disciplinary actions may be taken. Full Auto Arena hold the right to designate whether a situation should be escalated.
    • Verbal Warning
    • Sat out for games
    • Asked to leave with no refund
    • Banning from the Facility
  • All games will be limited to Semi-automatic ONLY.
  • NO Full Auto will be allowed at any time during open play events.
  • Blind firing is NOT allowed at any time during game play. Blind Firing is when you blindly fire around a corner without knowing what your shooting at.
  • Engagements within ten (10) feet will require a verbal “Safety Kill”. DO NOT shoot anyone within ten (10) feet.
  • If both players say “Bang Bang” simultaneously, both players will parlay, and walk back to spawn.
  • Do NOT shoot at “dead” players walking back to spawn. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Do NOT shoot at the ceiling, lights, heating units, fans, or air conditioning units in the arena.
  • Do NOT move any of the fixtures or obstacles in the arena.
  • Do NOT climb on or over any of the fixtures or obstacles in the arena.
  • Strobe feature on flashlights are NOT allowed during open game play.
  • Do NOT point lasers in other players faces at any time.
  • Recording of game play using any type of camera such as but, not limited to GoPro's, Run Cams, or Action Cams is a privilage. Field management reserves the right to refuse the use of any recording devices.
  • Game end procedure is as follows.
    • Magazine is removed from weapon(s)
    • Gun(s) are cleared in a safe direction.
    • All guns are put on Safe.
    • Pistol are put in holsters.
    • Barrel cover or plug is put on.
    • Face protection is not removed until you are off the arena.
  • All rulings by Head Referee or management are final. Please show respect to all players equally